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Uvita Costa Rica: a Master Planned Community

Tierra Verde’s unique geography and careful planning affords spacious home sites ranging between 1.23 and 1.4 acres and provides homeowners significant flexibility when orienting their residence to capture a particular view or layout. The homes will be fashioned around a tropical Balinese Style to provide a theme throughout this gated green community. Building costs for custom homes start at approximately $85-$100 per square foot. Some examples of the typical homes which will be built in Tierra Verde Uvita Costa Rica are included here.

uvita green community - a costa rica master planned community

Click here to download our Master Plan

The land planning for our Uvita green community follows the natural topography and curvature of the property, a simple and significant advantage over other communities that attempt to alter land that the elements have shaped over millennia. During the rainy season, natural pathways will divert water into catch basins for retention to recharge the vital aquifer.

Each lot is serviced by electricity and phone, while our artesian well delivers some of the best water our residents have ever had the pleasure of drinking.



Perhaps you can increase your lifespan by moving to CostaRica and adopting a healthy lifestyle.


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Costa Rica is world's happiest nation

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