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green community tierra pacifica has costa rica real estate

Costa Rica Sustainable Living — Ecological Planning

The Water:

fresh water flows naturally in green community uvita

Helping recharge aquifer and improving area water quality. Tierra Verde uses several techniques, in the green community at Uvita Costa Rica project, to slow water run-off and allows percolation to put water back in our aquifer.


The Land:

native forest tree trunk in uvita costa rica

Regenerating soils, habitat and biodiversity. Tierra Verde uses an ecological landscaping plan and habitat restoration program. These efforts represent a long term commitment to protect and improve soil quality, regenerate native flora, and increase the health and diversity of resident fauna. Working with experienced, local forestry experts, the Tierra Verde team has an ongoing reforestation project to restore our land to its natural state over time.

green community uvita uses concrete stone water way and retaining wall to control water

You’ll see today all of our roads have been installed with retaining stone wall and water ways to make ensure we protect the integrity of the land and rivers which ultimately run into the marine park in Ballena.



natural ocean view in uvita costa rica

Optimizing the natural beauty. Electricity has been extended to each home-site and several have been designed to help you understand the most dynamic lay-out for building. We also have sites which have not been cut to afford your creative side the opportunity to make the perfect home design. In addition, our own artesian well will provide some of the highest quality drinking water right to your doorstep year round.


Perhaps you can increase your lifespan by moving to CostaRica and adopting a healthy lifestyle.


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