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How to find our Costa Rica Green Community

Tierra Verde is 55 km from San Isidro Del General (Pérez Zeledón) (see maps). You can also get to Uvita from Quepos, which is approximately 70Km south on the Costanera. The Costa Rican government is currently working to pave this entire stretch of highway, something which we believe will significantly improve mobility to the north. Signage will help you find the entrance to Tierra Verde which is located only 1 km off the Costanera highway. If you want to get to Uvita from Quepos, please remember it’s always safer and better on these and all mountain roads with 4-wheel drive vehicles.

getting to uvita from quepos and other places

Central America Map

map of costa rica


Perhaps you can increase your lifespan by moving to CostaRica and adopting a healthy lifestyle.


It looks like retirees and others who move to Costa Rica may be able to live longer if the copy the healthy lifestyle locals. By Chistopher Howard


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Fractionals: A Warm Spot in a Cooling Market

WHEN Robert and Jeannie Hidey went to Bachelor Gulch in Colorado three years ago, they figured they would ski five days and see their daughter who attended college nearby.

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Top 10 Reasons to Retire in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has become one of the most desirable places in the World to retire and will continue to attract newly retired baby boomers in the coming years.

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Costa Rica is world's happiest nation

Hmmm. You think it’s a coincidence? Costa Rica is one of the very few countries to have abolished its army, and it’s also arguably the happiest nation on earth.

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