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Local attractions and beaches near Playa Uvita Costa Rica

  1. Playa Ballena, Costa Rica
    Playa Ballena, Costa Rica - Marino Ballena National Park Whale's Tail high tide

    Marino Ballena National Park is one of the stops on the humpback whale’s migratory routes. During the winter months, October through March, it’s common to see mother whales, their babies and adult males breaching the surface. The beach is long and great for walking and turning out! Swimming is great for currents are little to none and the water is always warm! Marino Ballena National Park and has one of the best beginner’s waves in the area. Long, peeling waves break gently on the outside and then roll for a long distance in toward the beach. This wave never gets very big, usually only about a third the size of the waves at Playa Dominical, Costa Rica. It also is a great longboarding spot. ("Playa Ballena" means whale beach in Spanish).

  2. Playa Uvita, Costa Rica
    playa uvita costa rica

    Play Uvita, Costa Rica is, itself, a beautiful, well-known beach with a town full of restaurants, bars and souvenir shops. Playa Uvita, Costa Rica is also famous for the Whale’s Tail sandbar formation, and is just south of Marino Ballena National Park. ("Playa Uvita" means tiny grape beach in Spanish).

  3. Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

    Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica truly lives up to its name. Playa Hermosa Costa Rica is an incredibly scenic tropical beach, bordered by a spectacular forested cliff on the north, and Marino Ballena National Park to the south. Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica is also backed by a palm-lined beach and rainforest covered mountains. And this means you get 360° of beauty. Playa Hermosa Costa Rica is about half the size of the beach at Playa Dominical Costa Rica, with crystal clear water and very good wave form. ("Playa Hermosa" means beautiful beach in Spanish).

  4. Playa Ventanas, Costa Rica

    playa ventanas costa rica northern clifs and caves

    playa ventanas costa rica southern stretch

    Playa Ventanas, Costa Rica earns its name from the beautiful sea caves that line the north and south ends of the beach. The two caves on the north end extend from the beach out to the ocean, a distance of about 50 meters, and during certain tides create a "blow hole" effect. Pressure from each wave blows a large cloud of spray out onto the beach. The caves on the south end of Playa Ventanas Costa Rica tunnel deeply into the rock and inspire thoughts of pirate treasure rumored to have been hidden here. ("Playa Ventanas" means beach of windows in Spanish).

  5. Playa Tortuga, Costa Rica
    Playa Tortuga, Costa Rica is at one of the mouths of the Río Terraba, the longest river in Costa Rica. It is a place of wild beauty. ("Playa Tortuga" means turtle beach in Spanish).
  6. Playa Dominicalito, Costa Rica
    Playa Dominicalito, Costa Rica is a 5-minute drive south of Playa Dominical, Costa Rica and a popular beach for beginning surfers. Waves here are small and gentle – normally about a third the size of Dominical beach proper’s waves. But there are a few rocks spread out on the bottom so this spot is best surfed at higher tides. A pretty beach and a popular weekend spot for Ticos, Playa Dominicalito is also where local fishermen bring in their daily catch. ("Playa Dominicalito" in local Spanish means "Little Dominical Beach").


  7. Playa Dominical, Costa Rica
    Playa Dominical, Costa Rica is 35 km from San Isidro El General (Pérez Zeledón) (see Finding our Costa Rica Green Community link for a map) via the highway that crosses The General's valley to the south amid beautiful views. ("Playa Dominical" means a regular Sunday activity Beach in Spanish).

    You also can get to Dominical Costa Rica from Quepos driving south on the coastal road (about 40 km). Playa Dominical, Costa Rica is a long beach of sedimentary sand of brownish tones with good waves for surfing. Swimmers should beware of strong currents. It is recommended to swim at low tide when coral rocks can be seen on the bottom.



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